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IMPORTANT NEWS Please note we are replacing our Planning Application software on Wednesday 1st May and this website will be replaced by a new version, accessible via a new link. We will publish details on our main website later on Wednesday. The weekly list of applications will be available to view from Wednesday onwards

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Current applications can be inspected online at this website.

Representations on applications should be made by the "Consultation / Reconsultation End" date and can be made in writing to the Development Team at the above address, by e-mail to the case officer (e-mail address format is: or by selecting the Comment link from the application details.

In the case of householder or minor commercial applications, in the event of an appeal that proceeds by way of the expedited procedure, any representations made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representations.

Some planning applications received between January 2009 and March 2010 were dealt with by a review team and not available to view on this website. The details of these applications can be accessed by emailing

Please note that applications registered before the 13th September 2005 are not held within this system. For further information please email the Development Control Unit at:

Also, associated application documentation is only held from 1st December 2005.

Please also note: Information on Appeals is held for appeals from 12th July 2006 to 2009. For Appeal information prior to, or after this date, please contact the Development Control Unit

Information held within this system is usually updated on a daily basis so you are viewing all Live Application Data that is currently available.