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Planning Application Number: R19/0234
Description: T1 - Walnut - Reduce height and overhang of adjacent property by 4m The crown will be taken back to the level established in 2015 plus 1m (particularly the south/ west face) to reduce the overhang to 1&3 Brookside. The intended height would be c. 8m with spread of 6m by my estimates based of height of adjacent properties. T2 - Yew - Remove and replace with Beech/Native hedging .

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IMPORTANT: Any correspondence we receive about an application (or telephone conversations which are noted) are NOT CONFIDENTIAL and can be seen by anybody, including the applicant or other neighbours. Therefore, please avoid writing anything you do not wish to be available for public inspection. Also, if a planning application is to be considered by a Committee of the Council, any comments received will be summarised in a publicly available report submitted to that Committee.

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